Lee hails from the west midlands and was the first in his family to go into the racing game.

Being small and slight it was suggested at school he become a jockey.

Lee attended the British Racing School at the tender age of 17 on one of their early courses - course 16.  

After leaving the racing school lee went to work for Nigel Tinkle for a year.  Following his spell there Lee came to Epsom and his association with  the master Reg Akehurst began.  This is where lee learnt his trade.  A successful apprenticeship and working partnership with Reg continued for 12 years.  Lee still talks to "the Guvnor" on a regular basis, who always offers his knowledge and wisdom.  

Another 12 years with Terry Mills where Lee rode work at home and many a winner on the track.  At Loretta Lodge Lee's favourite horses were Where or When and Mitcham, whom he rode out daily.

Lee then worked for John Akehurst where he was assistant and took the reins here at old yard during John's illness.  Lee was lucky to keep some members of the team and loyal owners.  He is now a winning trainer in his own right and has produced many a successful winner, and continues to grow and expand the yard.