MICHELLE ALLEN - Travelling Head Girl - Senior Work Rider

Michelle is a huge asset to the team. She not only travels the horses to the races and drives the box. She makes sure everything is ready and  is in tip top condition. She is famous for her ‘best turned out’ prizes and all her horses look immaculate.  For which we are very proud of her.

At home She is a great judge of a horse and Lee listens to her and  respects her opinion. She also helps lee with ailments and medication. Michelle puts  so much into the yard.

She rides Maazel out daily and was rewarded by his recent win. Michelle likes to keep fit when not working, her passion is her horses. 


JAMES HOLLIN - Senior Lad - Work Rider

Jimmy is a well know face around Epsom and in racing cIrcles. He has been in racing since he was 16. Working for a few local trainers before Lee namely Jim Boyle, John Akehurst. 

Jim is an asset to the yard. Always cheerful and is kind and knowledgable with his horses. His favourite being Gerry The Glover of those in training. 

When out and about he is always the first on the dance floor and loves to enjoy himself. Jim loves to take his horses racing and is usually a lucky omen.


BRANDON JONES - Work Rider, Impersonator

Brandon is a cheerful and popular member of staff.  He always has a smile on his face and is a bit of a joker.  He knows when to be serious when it matters on the gallops and is a great young rider.  He is always singing around the yard, although he should stick to his day job!!

 His best horse in the yard Treble Clef or "Roaring Clef" as he likes to call him.  He is chatty and friendly, in fact the only time he's quiet is when he's eating!

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MICHAEL BROOKES - Seasonal Work Rider

Mikey rides out for us when his other work committments allow.  He is an asset and a great judge of a horse.  


STEPHANIE ALDRIDGE - Trainers PA/Yard Secretary

Steph is usually the first port of call for all enquiries.  She has many years of experience and has worked both in England and Ireland in Studs and Racing Yards.  She is usually unflappable and can help with most things that arise. Steph deals with everything in the office along with hospitality and social media.  She loves her job, and has been at Clear Heights over a decade.  

Her dream horse is Ross Raith Rover and is very proud of his success this year. She is also passionate about our little Humphrey Pony. 

When not on call for the yard she enjoys  her family time, loves the theatre and going to the gym. She is a lifeling Tottenham supporter and proud of it.


HUMPHREY - Companion, Yard Mascot

Humphrey came to us in January 2019.   He was initially brought as a companion for resting horses, he loves his time out in the paddocks.  However, everyone Quickly fell in love with humpy and he is our good luck charm. He is a great character.

He is loved by all the children who visit us and is a great teacher and lead rein pony. 


DESSIE - Companion Pony

Our stunning show pony Dessie arrived in May as a 2nd companion pony.  Saleh absolutely loves his field companion.  Dessie is settling in nicely.  He loves to be fussed over and groomed.